Paranjothi Deveraj Swamikal and His objective

Paranjothi Devaraj Swamikal was born in a family which lived on WEAVING work in Mugaiyur. He worked in Army in his young age. At his old age He live in Chennai. He got initiated into Kundalini Yoga from Paranjothi Mahan, and got the knowledge of his true self and developed his spiritual powers and used it in his daily life and lived a life with sound body and sound mind and was performing his duties. He merged himself with the boundless infinite. With the intention that everyone should get the bliss that he is enjoying, He is initiating those who seek knowledge with this sacred technique, even after crossing the age of 96.

In today's world, science has improved so much. At the same time, the peace and health of an individual person is steadily declining. On the other hand, In the name of religion arises fight, disorder and terrorism and is taking lives of innocents. The only solution to all these is that every individual should know his true self. This alone can lead to World Peace.

Our Guru has visited Singapore and Malaysia and gave intellectual speech and advices and blessings in may meetings held there and returned to the motherland on 27-05-2007.

Many disciples from Australia, Netherland, Malaysia, Singapore, London and many other foreign nations and from many states of India has contacted Guru Deveraj Swamikal and got initiated into this sacred yoga and adding pride to our guru by spreading the sacred yoga in foriegn nations.