Experience of TrueAwareness

All five sensed organs, which live by their physical senses (natural sense), are called as animals.

Since man tries to act as per his thoughts, words and deeds, we call him six sensed being.

Experiencing all the senses at the life energy in Forehead Eye by the touch of a Guru is call TrueAwareness.

When one is constantly observing the TrueAwareness, the Truth shines. That truth is unchangable, ever-existent, devoid of pleasure and pain, birth and death. The truth is filled with bliss, knowledge and power. The purpose of human life is to attain that ultimate truth.

Attaining the ultimate truth and shining is very very easy. One does not need money, materials, world knowledge, education, religion, caste or language to attain the truth. It is enought if one has the ability to observe keenly and understand.

Let us all follow Devaraj swamikal, who himself is the follower of Paranjothi Mahan, and be involved in the yogic practice of knowing one's self ! Peace !!

Paranjothi SKY Trust.