Manoharan's Experience

The purpose of taking human birth is to understand the Divinity and be one with it. In the world with more than 6 billion people, only very few have got the opportunity to attain this purpose. One cannot perceive Divinity with the help of 5 senses of the body. We can only perceive it from the feeling within. Having got initiation into Kundalini Yoga from Gurumahan Devaraj swamikal, we by practicing to spread this Divine feeling throughout our body, our body gets rid of diseases and gets purified.

When practising the divine feeling at Forehead and Fontanel, desires and angers within our mind subsides and our mind gets matured. When one goes beyond Fontanel and meditated there, he acheives thoughtless state and merges with Divinity and realises the truth that he and divinity are one and the same. He gets answers to all his doubts.

Hence,I welcome all those who are interested can get initiated into Kundalini Yoga from one of the Gurus in the Lineage of Paranjothi Mahan and obtain the Blissfull state.


Assistant head.