Several years ago, Siddhas, Yogis and Sages lived an ascetic life, lived in forest, mountains and practiced Kundalini Yoga with severe restrictions.

By this meditation, They guided humanity by showing them good path of life and they lived as perfect beings.

At the same time, they preserved this sacred meditation practice of Kundalini Yoga and taught it only very few persons in their life time.

Paranjothi Mahan found a way to rise this Kundalini Energy from Moolatharam to Forehead Eye and again descend it back to Moolatharam, thereby He simplified the practice of Kundalini Yoga, so that, the house holders can also practice this Yoga without giving up their wordly activities. Also, this yoga can be practiced by anyone without any restriction on gender, cast, religion. Mahan taught this sacred technique of Kundalini Yoga to all who wanted to know their self. The objective of this centre is to follow Paranjothi Mahan.