Rajan's Experience

"The sea of births they alone swim
Who clench His feet and cleave to Him." (Thirukkural:

As per these words of Thiruvalluvar, I consider the day, when I met my Guru, who taught me to swim across the sea of birth, as the day of attainment of my purpose of life. To cross this sea of worldy life without losing the self at any situation, this TrueAwareness is helping me as the steering wheel for this traveller.

After facing many difficulties and disappointments, I realized that this TrueAwareness is the only true thing that takes me to higher levels. In this world, where man is oscillating between the desires, TrueAwareness is the only thing that can correct us in all aspects such as discipline, honesty, thought, words and deeds and can take us to state of divinity. Attaining this TrueAwareness is the purpose of human birth.

Peace !!

Rajan M.A. L.L.B,
Law Consultant,
Paranjothi SKY Centre