Swaminathan's Experience


My name is Swaminathan. I'm a businessman. In between my busy works, I had devotion and longing towards God. As a result, I got to know about Guru Devaraj Swamikal. From him, I got initiated to Paranjothi Mahan's Simpllified Kundalini Yoga in April 2006. As per guru's words, I have been practicing Kundalini Yoga twice a day.

The experiences I got by this yoga are as follows.

I have understood who I am.

I have noticed positive changes over my character.

I have also improved in my physical health.

Because of my understanding of who I am, I have improved my Character. Through character, I have improved mental health, and through mental health, I have improved physical health. Through all these, I have improved my spiritual strength and thorugh that I have attained peace and I am living blissfully. What else one needs?


With love,
V. Swaminathan
(Business man)